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MEPV HALF-CUT SeriesFrom 330 to 420Wp

MEPV HALF-CUT PLUS SeriesFrom 450 to 550Wp

MEPV ULTRA PREMIUM SeriesDesde 400 a 440WFrom 400 to 440Wp

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Eurener photovoltaic modules have passed all the main European tests in terms of durability and performance. For this reason, we have the most prestigious certificates at a global level and in different European countries.
Eurener modules, with a useful life of approximately 50 years, are designed to last, thus making the initial investment profitable and providing energy for decades. That is why we offer warranties above the market average
When choosing the brand of solar panels for your installation it is important to take into account the financial health of the manufacturer. Eurener, with more than 25 years in the market, offers confidence, guarantee and reliability for your projects, from the hand of the most important banking entities qualified with Triple A. And, of course, backed by the best insurance companies. Thus, your operations with Eurener will always be safe.

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